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Abdullah Avcı said that Trabzonspor is a community that is very important for Turkish football and that the team plays with great energy and will continue to wear caps as long as the series continues. Abdullah Avcı used the following statements: Football is an organization game. Everything from the administration to the energy that the city gives us is a whole. The city of Trabzon loves us very much and that city deserves everything. We hire players with high technical capacity, we want to play a rust game, but this is not happening on the ground. The right defense can also start offense. Except for a rescue by Uğurcan, we did not give a position that was very important in our office. I am proud of my players. We try to do whatever we try. As they win, I will continue to wear the cap. “” Malatyaspor has a very talented coach at its head. It is doing important work and will continue to do so. Today, maybe we were pressured after the golden, but there is a net position that Uğurcan saved, there is no other position. We can act as a team. “” I look at match-by-match, I go from piece to whole. We will go one by one, not a package program. We will start training for the Gaziantep game tomorrow “

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