Kastamonu Journalists Association Chairman Mustafa Sarigul who visited the TDP, here in his speech, said that Turkey had met with every inch of wandering citizens.

will change the political understanding expressing Sarigul, “we will democratize politics, politics is not man’s will do with our people, the system will be the sons of our people never from this principle and we will never leave. Turkey Change Party, with young women at all ages, from every region will carry every profession citizens of our countries, our happiness The important thing is to work hard and tell the truth to our people. We will always tell the truth, always approach with love and knowledge, be sharing, we will realize democracy that is not loyal to the leader, but loyal to the people. ” said.

Sarigul indicating their son aware of the problems of the local newspaper, “Turkey’s Change party people party, not a party party. Headquarters, the founders of directors, our organization president, worlds founded on love in the hearts of our nation with our provincial and district offices of the president. Things to Turkey Change Party in the presidential elections’ What voters are citizens, vote garlic, rice, agriculture, stockbreeding is, is tourism, prunelle is the plum. he plums in labor, there is beauty. We see it as precious a lot of votes given to Turkey Exchange Party. that vote is sweat and labor. We then have one vote We want people and parties to freely share their thoughts with our nation in the Presidential elections, and we respect the decision of our nation. ” he spoke.


Sarıgül’s ‘alliance’ statement


Expressing that they will put out a Presidential candidate that will bring everyone together, Sarıgül said:

“In the first round, we will put out such a candidate that with his knowledge, skill, skills, experience; east, west, north, Central Anatolia, Aegean, Black Sea, Marmara and Thrace, all our nation, right and It will unite the left, gather the mosaics of culture, respect all beliefs, meet the democratic world and our country, respect the universal rules of law. we wish to share our nation’s thoughts. parties who want to make alliances in the first round who hide their votes, the party wanting to throw a bag of their votes to. our vote is our precious. our play us is Turkey’s Change movement vote. I move us play our many years now, was a blessing. “

Expressing that they will go to Ankara to establish a table of democracy and homeland, Sarıgül noted that they will be together with all citizens who say border and flag unity.

Kastamonu Journalists Association President Erkan Yılmaz gave information about the problems of the profession.

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