Images of the catastrophic accident that took place at around 12.40 on Wednesday, January 15, last year appeared on Çırağan Avenue in Beşiktaş Yıldız Mahallesi in Istanbul.

Ali Al Muhammed, a Syrian national, entered a restaurant on the street at noon and went out after taking a meal. While Gence wanted to cross the road by getting off the pavement, the driver of the car, which was cruising quickly, was hit hard. While the young man who flipped in the air as a result of the crash was thrown to the ground, the unscrupulous driver who did not even step on the brakes started to flee.

Citizens who saw the incident and the vehicle escaped, reported the situation to the health and police teams. Taking action upon the notice, police teams started an operation to catch the escaped vehicle. While the works were continuing, the driver got out of his vehicle and disappeared as a result of the intervention of the citizens on Ortaköy Muallim Naci Street. The horror moments were reflected on mobese cameras for seconds.


In the images, the driver is speeding along the street. Meanwhile, the young man who takes a meal from the restaurant goes down the sidewalk. When Ganja crosses the road, the car crashes. The young somersault is thrown to the ground. The driver is quickly moving away from the scene. Citizens who saw the accident come to the scene by running. Citizens gathered at the beginning of the injured are trying to help the young man. Traffic is coming to a standstill due to an accident.


Young girl rescued from the prostitution gang told about her experiences


The medical teams, who came to the scene upon the notice, took the seriously injured Ali Al Muhammed to the hospital by ambulance after the first intervention. It was learned that the young man was discharged after his ongoing treatment at the hospital. On the other hand, it was learned that the driver, who escaped after the intervention of the citizens, came to the safety after a while and surrendered. It was learned that the driver whose judicial and administrative procedures were carried out was released on the order of the prosecutor.

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