In the 24th week of the Super League, Fenerbahçe and Galatasaray will share their trump card in the giant derby. The competition, which is very important for both teams, will be played at Kadıköy Ülker Stadium.

The eyes will be on Mustafa Muhammed in the giant derby. The Egyptian football player, along with Henry Onyekuru, will be the biggest assurance of Galatasaray coach Fatih Terim.

The Egyptian striker, who was transferred from Zamalek and came to Istanbul last Sunday night, was able to sleep for 1 hour on the first day and had a medical check-up in the early hours. Despite his sleeplessness, Mustafa Muhammed, who was training that day, took 45 minutes in the Başakşehir match the next day. After a tiring schedule, the young striker showed a fresh image in this match and managed to score a goal.

It was stated that Muhammed would be much more ready for the Fenerbahçe match and therefore Terim was very hopeful. It was stated that Terim, who thinks that the severe pressing feature of the Egyptian football player in the front area will relieve the midfield, has made his plans on the new transfer. In his first match, Mohammed drew attention with his strong physique and air dominance, and was praised for opening space for his friends. The 23-year-old young striker gave the signals that he would immediately adapt to the system with his game intelligence.

The other trump card will be Onyekuru

Together with Muhammed, today Galatasaray’s other forward-end assurance will be Onyekuru. Relying on the form and dynamism of the Nigerian, Terim asked Mohammed to evaluate the empty spaces that he would open. Onyekuru, who did not pass the Gaziantep and Başakşehir matches empty, draws attention with his form before the Fenerbahçe derby, and will be one of the highest quality weapons of the team on goal paths today.

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