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Emre Belözoğlu, Fenerbahçe Sportive Director, made statements about the agenda. The statements of Emre Belözoğlu, who made the most important statements at the chat meeting, are as follows: Independent of the game, Fenerbahçe is at the top of the league today, sharing the summit. Fenerbahçe is the most spoken and criticized one. First of all, we know that our teacher, us, our managers, our president and our community are not very satisfied with the game right now. Our teacher is constantly trying to motivate the players by expressing the right games, expectations and goals. “We believe and trust our teacher” We have a very good staff. We will be better when everyone is ready. Fenerbahce aims to be a team that dominates more balls and tries to play the game ahead, we should always be such a team. Our teacher is also uncomfortable with the game, but Fenerbahçe fans should know that we are fighting a serious struggle for everything to go well. We make internal evaluations when necessary, but we must act patiently in critical processes in an equitable manner. Fenerbahçe plays ahead, and our teacher is uncomfortable with the current game and works for a system in this direction. Our teacher knows the remedy for this. We also believe and trust our teacher. As of this week, we believe that it will progress to meet the expectations of the community in terms of gameplay and we trust our team. We will not let anyone down on this road we set out for Fenerbahçe’s goals, we will not leave anyone alone without protection! We will stand behind our players and teacher. We’re going to do that right here. We are already struggling outside on behalf of our club to protect our team. There are heavy criticisms to our teacher, but the criticisms made by Fenerbahçe’s people most upset us, they break us. Other criticisms do not spoil us, but if our fans are not with us, if this team does not protect and own this team, if they do not support us, it will be very sad and weary. We will not allow our teacher and players to be devalued. None of us as the community, especially our president, will not allow this. WE ACT IN LINE WITH OUR TEACHER’S REQUESTS We know that we have formed a very good team in line with the decisions of our teacher. We are in constant consultation with our teacher, constantly talking, exchanging ideas. We set out on this path saying that we will be you, not me, and we never deviated from it. This team spirit will have a positive impact on our team in terms of performance and game play. “WE HAVE A REQUEST AND DESIRE TO SERVE FENERBAHÇE” As a team, we work with the desire and desire to serve Fenerbahçe, we concentrate on our work. However, they try to divert us from this point. I don’t understand whether Galatasaray and Beşiktaş are rivals or not. “They keep talking about the limit.” When we talked about the limit at the beginning of the season, ‘Don’t you trust the federation?’ Those who say now are saying how Fenerbahce transferred.

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