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Ünal Karaman stated in the press conference he held at Adnan Süvari Facilities that they made progress in the statistical data of the match in the second half of the league.

Noting that compared to the first half of the league, they reduced the time to win the ball from the opponent from 13 seconds to 8.7 seconds, and the time to win the ball from their opponents increased from 11.7 to 15.3, said:

“We always said that we should be a Göztepe that offers the pleasure of watching football fans. The player that I serve on the field can never be a player who compromises the cause he believes in, the character of the football. Our efforts to be a team that always develops itself will increasingly continue. While doing all these, our physics quality must always be at a high level. “


Karaman stated that he did not do business with luck in any period of his life and said: “The seat we are in has always given us strength, but I have given strength to that seat everywhere I have been. Players are my brothers, my brothers in the community, my respected elders. Because I am not a professional thinker and I am the manager of a beautiful club like Göztepe Club, I say with all my sincerity. Our front is bright. We know a difficult process, but it seems that we will overcome them with the support of this community with our players. “

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