News of Eskişehirspor:
Speaking to Ahmet Deniz Canoruç on ES TV, Akgören said, “Actually, everybody knows my opinion. Should we open this transfer ban? This is a very relative concept. Failing to win since last season has put pressure on both the administration and the city. This situation upset us all. We are trying to make the impossible happen. We are about to accomplish a very difficult job. Little work remains. We want to achieve the impossible by lifting the transfer ban. Of course, we cannot handle these with money. You know, you need 10-15 million lira to settle this with money. There is no such money ”. It gave hope to the fans
Akgören said, “Remember, we try to get signatures with heart and friendship. We solved the vast majority of 84 files. I want to give hope to our fans from here. There are about 15 files left. We have a transfer ban in our 9 FIFA files. We solved 3-4 of the files in FIFA. We are trying to figure out the rest. Of course, time is shorter and shorter. As soon as we open it, I do not know if we will be able to make the necessary and sufficient transfers. We will try to do the best for Eskişehirspor. ” We can achieve the impossible
Saying that he always trusts the staff, Akgören said, “We have a good team. I always say this. We know that with small touches, 4-5 transfers will go to many different places. Although we know that it is very difficult to stay in the cluster in the second half, I think we can accomplish the impossible. I have never lost my hopes. Anyway, as the president of a community, I always have to keep my hope. I’m trying to stand up straight. I hope we will accomplish this job. ” Everyone wants VAR
Clubs Association Akgör also speaking about the meeting, “I’m a union meeting was held in Turkey Football Federation. He talked about the troubles of each club. He told us about his troubles in the Federation. Everyone is troubled by the referees. The Super League and all teams in our league suffer from the referees. In addition, TFF demanded the VAR System to come to the 1st League. Federation President Nihat Özdemir stated that they wanted this very much, but a serious investment was needed for this and said that they were doing work ”. There was a misunderstanding
Speaking about the tension with Samsunspor President Yüksel Yıldırım on social media, President Akgören said, “We did not have a fight or discussion with the President of Samsunspor. I said that it is very important for the clubs to live healthy and maintain their continuity in this way. I cited Samsunspor as an example. I think there was a misunderstanding and Samsunspor President misunderstood because of health problems sağlık
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