French Prime Minister Jean Castex announced at a press conference that new restrictions were imposed on the fight against Covid-19. Under the new restrictions, France has closed its borders to countries outside the European Union. Castex said, “Except for compulsory reasons, entry and exit from France to a country outside the EU will be banned. This practice will be valid from midnight. The negative PCR requirement for entry to the country will continue. Non-food shops with an area of ​​more than 20 thousand square meters will be closed. Measures will also be strengthened in supermarkets as of Monday.

Stating that the curfew between 18.00-06.00 continues throughout the country, Castex announced that more police and gendarmes will be assigned to check whether the curfew is complied with.

Castex said of a possible quarantine application, “We know that the quarantine affects the French badly. We believe we can give ourselves a chance to avoid this.


Germany announced that its entry into the country from England, Ireland, Portugal, Brazil and South Africa, where the mutated strain of the coronavirus was seen, stopped until February 17 from tomorrow.

In Germany, the Federal Ministry of the Interior tightened measures to prevent the spread of the more rapidly transmitted and more deadly type of the mutated corona virus in the country. As part of the new measures, entry into the country from the UK, Ireland, Portugal, Brazil and South Africa, where the mutant virus was seen, was suspended until February 17. The flight ban will also apply to Lesotho and Eswatini in South Africa from Sunday.

Exceptions will be made from entry bans for persons residing and entitled to residence in Germany and for the movement of goods. While a strict test and quarantine requirement applies to returning Germans, trains, buses and transport companies as well as airlines will not be allowed to transport people from these regions to Germany from tomorrow. giriş sonrası hızlı bahis oynayabilir ve hemen kazanç sahibi olacak işlemlerde bulunabilirsiniz. casino oynama sitesinde yer alan masa oyunlarından da 3D ve sanal şekilde kazanç sağlayabilirsiniz. canlı casino oyun seçenekleri yüklemesiz sunuluyor. saniyesinde açılan oyunlarda hemen kazanç sağlayabilirsiniz.

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