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The statement made by the Beşiktaş Club is as follows: “Our Football A Team, which made our Community and our fans proud by completing the first half of the Super League with 44 points, we believe that our Football A Team will continue its successful performance in the second half of the season and will win the Super League championship cup once again with Hakkı, At the point we arrived, it has been seen that the planning and transfers made by our Board of Directors under the chairmanship of Ahmet Nur Çebi have been successful and correct since the beginning of the season. We believe that the situation will not be much different at the end of the season. As you know, we strengthened our squad with our former footballer Cenk Tosun and promising young football player Bilal Ceylan, while last night was ending as you know, Cenk Tosun is undoubtedly a very precious name for our Mosque and our fans. who has a share in Super League championship We sincerely believe that Cenk Tosun, who has been transferred to the Premier League with a record transfer fee and who is also an important value of our National Team, will provide services that are of great importance to our club in the new period, which is also on the radar of other Super League clubs. We trust Bilal Ceylan, which we transferred from Eskişehirspor within the framework of our investment vision. Young footballer of our ability and we suspected for many years, it would be useful to our team with diligence yoktur.türki the most basic task of the Football Association, councils identified the principles and rules according to check if the clubs are doing sport and commercial activities and the rules do not meet the club about the necessary procedures yapmaktır.süp in League We would like to believe that all the clubs involved are carrying out transfer activities within the limits determined by the federation.

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