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Kocaman stated in the press conference held after the match that they lost the points that are highly important to them this week, “Our position, our opponent’s success in the last weeks, our easy goal-scoring situation, serious injury … All of these are side by side, according to us. “We were going to play with an opponent who seemed more compatible and more advantageous than us in terms of casting. Aykut Kocaman said the following about the match: “At the beginning of the match, their morale was a bit obvious for us, considering our state of losing blood. 10-15 minutes passed like this, immediately after that, we started to balance the game and start attacking. The goalkeeper saved one head kick and Gulbrandsen’s kick in the minutes close to the penalty. Karagümrük had a clear position. After the second half had a little rest, we predicted that Karagümrük would do the same thing. Spend 10-15 minutes of the second half right for us. The rhythm changed on behalf of our opponent and our opponent after the goal was defeated at the beginning of the second half. We started to go to the opponent’s goal more, with a millimeter offside as well as a goal and a position but we failed to score. In the last 10 minutes, it turned into a more unconscious game. The longing for a win that will take us breath is a little longer. When asked about the situation of the injured players in the team, Aykut Kocaman said, “In today’s match, after Mahmut left, our problems in the field settlement increased. We do not know the situation of both Mahmut and Ömer Ali. We do not know the situation of both Mahmut and Ömer Ali. In terms of those who will return, there may be only one Berkay return. I don’t know how ready he will be. It looks like we have to go through the process until the 19th. There will be an interval of 7-8 days after the Trabzonspor match in 19. Our biggest desire is to collect as many points as we can get so far. ” stated his opinion in the form. Huge, is about the struggle to play with Fenerbahce in Turkey Cup quarter-final, “In recent years, Esenyurt, a team who are successful in the European Cup. Current league in the image as the looks the most direct route trophies for the European Championships. Also However, because it is a powerful way to truth. In this way One of them passes through Fenerbahçe. The short road is full of strong difficulties, but we will try, of course. The cup is largely important. As of the current situation, we can say that it is a little more important. ” found the assessment.

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